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About Us

Kandi Works Developmental Achievement Center provides life enhancing and vocational experiences while addressing the multi faceted needs of a varied population of individuals with developmental disabilities and related conditions.

Day Training and Habilitation (DT&H) programs are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to help adults with developmental disabilities or a related condition develop and maintain life skills, participate in community life and engage in proactive and satisfying activities of their own choosing.

The services provided by at DT&H are:
  • Supervision, training and assistance in the areas of self-care, communication, socialization and behavior management.
  • Supported employment and work-related activities.
  • Community integrated activities, including the use of leisure and recreation time.
  • Non-medical transportation services to enable persons to participate in the community.
Kandi Works DAC is a non profit organization that is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to provide Day Training and Habilitation to adults with developmental disabilities or a related condition.

The center was founded in 1962 as a pilot center in rural Minnesota as a result of the efforts of parents of children with disabilities.  Through out the years we have responded to the ever changing needs of the individuals we serve as they are integrated into our communities by providing a variety of programs such as supported employment, in center work, seniors programming and sensory integration programs.

Kandi Works DAC currently has three locations.  The Atwater site is licensed for 50 individuals and has our seniors program, the sensory integration program and a small in center work site.  The Kandiyohi site is also licensed for 50 individuals.  It is our main in center work site and the base from which the supported employment crews depart. Our Candle Company building is also in Kandiyohi and houses our administrative offices and gift shop.