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Our Kandiyohi site handles our main production area with a large work floor, storage facility, loading docks, fork lifts and delivery truck. The individuals challenge themselves by increasing their productivity, quality control and meeting production deadlines.

The individuals also participate in a variety of community outings and holiday activities.

The supported employment program is also based out of Kandiyohi. Here the crews meet, get their supplies and go to various job sites with their trained job coaches.

The Kandiyohi Candle Company is owned and operated by Kandi Works DAC. It offers hand mixed and hand poured soybean wax candles and soybean oil lotions. These items are produced by individuals who participate in our vocational programs.

Kandi Works DAC has developed a regional work procurement program that provides work opportunities to other DT&H programs in our geographic area. This offers a large work force to meet contractor deadlines and needs.

The Kandi Works DAC Administration Building which is located adjacent to the production facility, houses the Kandiyohi Candle Company Gift Shop, administrative offices, conference and training center.

Located at 537 Pacific Ave, Kandiyohi, MN